Doula Love Mentorship

Doula Love is an organization that is dedicated to helping birth professionals gain the highest level of training and experience available.  Starting in 2017 Wendy took on 4 mentees. The mentorship has provided the mentees extensive support, mentoring and guidance on their journey to becoming a professional doula.

Updates for 2018 Mentorship be out in February of 2018.

Doula Love Training Center

Doula Love Staff:

Lead MentorWendy Scharp – owner of Portland Doula Love and Professional Doula for over 13 years.

MentorCindy Stumpf  -Professional Doula for over 15 years and trained home birth midwife.

Mentor/Match MakerHeather Lobitz  





Mentorship includes monthly group and individual meetings with the Doula Love staff. Observing classes offered in the Doula Love Classroom. Observation of professional Doulas during interviews, prenatals, births and postpartums. Mentees will also be providing primary care to clients during the year. The Mentorship is customizable – other additions are Postpartum Doula Mentorship, Placenta Medicine Training, Childbirth Educator Training, Belly Binding and more! Most excitingly you are granted access to the most experienced professional doulas in the city for support while you navigate the early days of your doula career.