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Wendy Scharp is the owner of three successful Portland, Oregon Based Companies. Portland Doula Love, Doula Love Training Center and PDX Placenta. Wendy has been running Portlands Premier Doula agency for 4 years and the company continues to expand each year. She had thriving doula practices in Madison, Wisconsin and Ashland, Oregon before moving to Portland in 2011 to settle with her family. Wendy has been a Birth Doula since 2003, DONA Approved Birth Doula trainer since 2012 and a ICEA Trainer since 2013.

Wendy is a mother of three. Her oldest daughter was born in 1998, middle son was born in  2003 and youngest son born in 2005. She built her career with the support her incredible partner of 20 years Shawn and her forever forgiving and loving children. Over the years of growing her career her family has balanced homeschooling/unschooling, Shawn getting his Masters in Social Work, the growth of Doula Love, her boys intense love and commitment to club baseball, a daughter who is a social activist and her strong desire to make Doula Work a sustainable career option.

Wendy’s career has expanded in 2017 with the Doula Love Mentorship. Wendy has been guiding four student doulas through the challenging career path birth work brings most! The mentorship has been a much need addition as the demand for professional doulas continues to grow in Portland.

Her skill set beyond doula work includes website development, mindful family centric marketing, financial business planning, logistical business planning, confidence building, and all things entrepreneurial. Wendy is an ideas person who loves supporting female owned businesses and has helped many small business thrive in the Portland Market.

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Reasons to work with Wendy

  • You want to make Doula work a paying career but are scared.
  • Your doula practice is slow to start.
  • Help with branding.
  • Your doula career is moving fast and you want to move with it and build a sustainable practice.
  • Feeling unsure about what direction to take your career.
  • Need some fresh new marketing and client generating ideas.
  • You are considering starting an Ethical and Family Centric Doula Agency.
  • You are a childbirth Educator and need hep building a solid curriculum.
  • You are in a related field with a focus on the child bearing years. (Midwife, CBE, LMT, Yoga Instructor, Postpartum Doula, Acupuncturist, chiropractor)

Companies Wendy Has Supported

Luna Chiropractic, Krystal Key IBCLC, Slumber Time Solutions, Vela Wellness, NW Vitality



Help Filling Your Support Groups

Ethical and Family Centric Doula Agency

Networking and Community Partner Building

Host successful community events. (Photo at Big Latch On)