Becoming a professional doula!

Doula Training Opportunities in Portland, Oregon

The doula profession is in a huge time of growth and choosing the right training organization is crucial to your development as a professional in the doula field. DONA International is the premier doula training organization and holds doulas to the highest possible standards! Many people fell rushed to ‘FINISH” their doula certification or even complain when an organization has extensive requirements for certification. The process of completing your certification is a time for huge growth as a professional so “PLEASE” do not rush it!


Doula Love Mentorship with Wendy Scharp

Doula Love is an organization that is dedicated to helping birth professionals gain the highest level of training and experience available.  Starting in 2018 Wendy will be unrolling some really exciting opportunities to help new birth workers/ doulas on their journey to becoming a professional doula.

Check back in Mid February 2018 for more details.

Other Doula Training Resources in Portland

Portland is an amazing place for Doulas to become professionals! Below are two other organizations that offer Internship/ Mentorship Opportunities. I have also included two organizations that have volunteer doula programs.


Mother Tree Birth Services  – offers a 6 month internship and Doula Love collaborates with this offering.

Metta Lineage –  is full spectrum doula organization that offers a 1 year apprenticeship.


Volunteer Programs

Gateway Doula Project –

PDX Doulas –